Energy Management

Global’s energy management services revolve around logistics coordination and energy optimization

  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Scheduling
  • Trucking & Rail Scheduling
  • Receipt Point Management & Balancing
  • Path Costing & Optimization
  • FT Optimization
  • Production & Midstream assets
  • Transportation Optimization
  • Gas Storage
  • Counterparty Credit Management
  • Gas Balance Recovery Cost Mitigation
  • Equalization
  • Electrical Load Management

Risk Management

Risk Management involves evaluating, quantifying and monitoring the risk a company carries as it relates to its commodity exposure. Risk holds many forms and a company may not be actively monitoring all of them. Global helps identify these risks and provides practical solutions to help mitigate.

  • Physical and Financial Hedging
  • Evaluation of existing hedge books
  • Current hedge evaluation
Position Management
  • Position Tracking
  • Account Balancing
  • Currency Exposure
Market Fundamentals
  • Maintenance Reporting
  • Market Commentary
  • Supply/Demand Analysis

Energy Trading

The objective of our energy marketing team is to provide incremental value to the client’s current netback. Global does this through a combination of marketing and trading programs designed in conjunction with their assets to create a balanced portfolio.

Portfolio Strategies
  • Commodity Portfolio hedging (gas, oil, liquids, power, CO2e)
  • Generation and Load Management
  • Peak energy use management to mitigate gas and power costs
  • Diversification of exposure regionally and across commodities
Energy Marketing
  • Evaluation of all energy inputs
  • Consolidation across sites
  • New supply and market arrangements
Structured Services
  • Storage Management
  • Multi commodity transactions
  • Financing Arrangements
  • Partnerships
Physical and Financial Trading
  • Balancing
  • Optimization
  • Time and location spreads
  • Portfolio Hedging
  • Trade Recommendations

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The skill set and experience our team possesses sets Global apart from other advisors. The Global team provides advisory services in the following areas.

  • Regulatory Reporting
  • WCSB Infrastructure
  • ETRM Integration
  • End Use Market
  • Acquisition and Divestiture
  • Joint Venture Processing and Facilities Agreements
  • Distributed power generation evaluations
  • CO2e emissions compliance management for TIER Funder emitters