Jamie Varghese


Jamie has been involved in energy commodities for close to 30 years, starting his career as a gas scheduler. For the past 25 years Jamie has helped establish and manage Canadian trading desks for multiple companies including Shell Trading, Mercuria Energy Trading and Direct Energy Marketing, covering almost every region in North America. Other services he has been engaged in include: Strategy Development (trading and sales), FX and Interest Rate trading, Project Development, Systems Implementation and Risk Management.

Alec Avramenko

Executive Consultant
Crude Oil, NGLs, Sulphur

Alec is well known in the energy patch and has been involved in energy for over 40 years. Alec has a variety of experience including co-founder and BOD status as Canpet Crude Oil and NGL Marketing (now Plains Canada Marketing) and Direct Energy Marketing. He is a former Director of CAPP. Alec’s specializes in crude oii and natural gas operational enhancements. He also has expertise in project development, regulatory, risk management, joint venture processing and faculties agreements. Over the course of his career, he has been a source of leading information for many companies.

Darcy White

Operating Partner
Electricity, Natural Gas and Emissions

Darcy’s career in energy spans over 35 years in wholesale marketing and trading of natural gas, power and CO2 markets (physical and financial) in Canada and the U.S. More recently he has been involved in power plant development in Alberta. This has led to creating real economic advantages for end-use electrical loads and origination and execution of arbitrage opportunities in North American energy markets through co-venture relationships with some of the largest energy trading companies in North America.

Sheryl Dawson

Marketing Coordinator
Natural gas, Crude Oil, NGL, Sulphur

Sheryl being employee number 1 at Global is the backbone of Global. She brings 30 years industry experience starting as a Geophysical Technician then transitioning into marketing. She is experienced in the operations of natural gas, crude oil, ngl and sulphur. Her daily tasks involve scheduling, balancing, transportation logistics, crude to rail scheduling, and pipeline and invoice reconciliation. Sheryl has been instrumental in developing the many internal systems required to manage our client’s portfolios.

Shannon Day

Condensate Consultant
Oil, Condensate, NGL, Sulphur

Shannon brings over 18 years experience working for Superior Propane, Unocal/Northrock & Chevron in back, mid and front office roles. Most recently, he was senior marketing representative for upstream gas, ngl’s, oil, condensate, and sulphur for Bellatrix. He has also traded in storage in Alberta and BC. Shannon provides an expertise in cash flow improvement through blending and optimization of Butane storage and analysis of equalization payments.

Niels Vervloet

Business Development
Natural gas

Niels has worked in the energy industry for over 25 years. Starting at Amoco, while working towards his CMA designation, he has progressed through roles with increasing responsibility with Reliant Energy and Macquarie Energy, where he was SVP Trading for the past 15 years. He has traded physical and financial natural gas throughout Western Canada and the US. He has a deep fundamental understanding of the WCSB including transportation, storage, and physical and financial natural gas instruments. His focus has been management and optimization of physical gas supply and assets in the WCSB.

Andrea Langfeldt

Marketing Consultant

Andrea has been in natural gas marketing and trade for over 18 years, progressing from pipeline operations to risk management, front office analytics, trading and sales. She has experience on more than 15 pipelines across all regions of Canada and the United States. Andrea has been involved in establishing physical trading desks for multiple, New York based financial institutions and has been a leader in gas management system implementations. Most recently she was a marketing representative at Aux Sable where she was an expert on Alliance Pipeline, WCSB economics and Chicago market areas that impact the Alliance, working with both producers and marketers to manage risk and to optimize value.