About Us

Global Petroleum Marketing Inc is a Calgary based energy marketing services company, established in 1994, created to assist the energy industry with its commodity requirements. For over 25 years Global has been helping its customers maximize their rate of return through advisory, marketing and risk management services. Over time, our reputation and experience has led to a loyal portfolio of clients consisting of producers, end users, petrochemical and logistics companies.

Global’s fully integrated operations, allows us to provide physical along with financial risk mitigation, logistics handling, analytics and back office services. The WCSB consists of entrepreneurs with an expertise in drilling and exploration. Why not rely on people with the expertise to help you maximize the value of the products produced? End-users face a similar dilemma. There are many choices for the consumer, but tailoring a proper solution can be difficult. Global was formed to help achieve this. We put together a team of highly experienced individuals. With exceptional service, at a fraction of the costs, Global provides our expertise so the client can focus on theirs.

Understanding a client’s strategy is very important to us. Only then can Global evaluate a client’s assets portfolio and consumption profile, and provide recommendations in line with their stated goals. Sometimes it’s a simple solution, sometimes its little more complex. Regardless, Global helps enhance its client’s portfolio.

Global Petroleum Marketing Inc is a unique company in western Canada because we provide expertise in every energy commodity – utilizing the collective knowledge base of our traders, marketers and operations personnel. Our team can provide what most other private advisory companies cannot –commercial experience. What this means for the client is we provide recommendations based on practical first-hand solutions. We can help avoid pitfalls and help navigate a world of complex physical and financial products, which understandably, can be overwhelming.

As the WCSB places a bigger emphasis on cost savings, Global believes now is a critical time to maximize netbacks and minimize energy costs.

What Sets Global Apart

Global is the only advisory company to provide expertise in all base energy related commodities. Our team is comprised entirely of individuals with trading and marketing experience. We have all been successful at trading proprietary energy positions for multi-national companies. Collectively we have over a century of trading and marketing experience. This provides the client with a knowledge base that sets us apart. Advice and recommendations need to have practical experience behind it. We have the practical experience you require.

Global isn’t in this market to compete with other marketers; to take your product and sell it to the large players – you can do this yourself. We are here to provide incremental value in your crude and gas operations.