The objective of the commodity audit is to use Global’s expertise in energy trading and commercial operations to identity every point value is lost. Global reviews several invoices across multiple commodities to identify opportunities for improved netbacks.

Global provides a detailed analysis of your entire commercial operations covering crude oil, natural gas, ngls, electricity and emissions.  This in-depth study is a review of over 30 items across these commodities on all your commercial agreements.

Natural Gas and NGL

Shifting demand, maintenance on NGTL, open seasons and changing regulations all affect pricing. Our team has expertise in British Columbia, Alberta and downstream markets in Ontario and Quebec, US West and Midcontinent. We have operated on and have a thorough understanding of Westcoast Pipeline, Alliance, NGTL and TC Mainline. We have exported gas at every interconnect across Canada.

We have experience in optimization of both storage and transportation assets, cash and forward market trading across Canada and the US. We provide daily balancing services, bid on and manage transportation and storage accounts and offer physical and financial options for your gas.

At a plant gate level, we look to ensure you are receiving the maximum value for the quality of your gas. We will monitor to ensure you are capturing your NGL value.

Global can help you get financial exposure to the other basins.

Crude Oil

Crude Oil is complex physically and there are many ways for margin to slip. The onus is on you as the producer to know and understand the best location for your product and to monitor the link between operations, marketing and production accounting. This takes resources.

We do a complete review of your crude operations – all commercial agreements from wellhead to market. We deal with logistics companies, monitor equalization payments, review purchase statements all to make sure you receive the value you are entitled to and if not, do what is necessary to guarantee you do.

Global looks for new opportunities for your product, whether through blending or new marketing arrangements.


Global can help clients understand the complexity of the Alberta electricity and transmission markets. We advise on the most economical means to secure electricity supply and evaluate load profiles and consumption.

We can advise on onsite generation decisions. Many oil & gas producers and industrial interests could benefit from onsite generation with electrical loads as small is 1,200 kilowatts; which will commonly be at a lower delivered cost and greater reliability than grid sourced electricity, potentially lead to long term cash flows and diversify away from a single commodity exposure.

Global can help start the generation evaluation process with a scoping study that will determine if the client site is economically suitable for onsite distributed generation. Global has relationships with third-party power plant developers seeking good locations with gas production to locate distributed generation scaled power plants. Further infrastructure needs other than power generation for the client may be financeable through Global’s relationships with infrastructure funds.


Emissions management is taking on more significance every year. Carbon offsets will be the cost of doing business for every sector. Global knows climate change driven policies have made emissions management and mitigation strategy a critical economic function for oil & gas producers and industrial interests alike.

The Alberta Technology Incentive and Emission Reduction Regulation (“TIER”) is the UCP provincial government’s recent version of the now repealed Carbon Competitiveness Incentive Regulation (“CCIR”) and its predecessor, the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation (“SGER”). We monitor and advise on the impacts of possible legislation.

We help navigate the complexity of emissions compliance and formulate a long-term strategy to minimize compliance costs. We can source credits to reduce your payment obligations and we can find markets for any credits you may have earned.