Global’s services are designed to benefit producers and consumers of energy. Our services will help reduce costs and increase revenues.

Commodity Audit

The objective of the commodity audit is to use Global’s expertise in trading and commercial operations to identify every point value is lost.

Global reviews several invoices across multiple commodities to identify opportunities for improved netbacks.

Global provides an analysis of your entire commercial operations covering crude oil, natural gas, ngls, electricity and emissions.  This study is a review of over 30 items across these commodities on all your current commercial agreements.

Energy Management

Global’s energy management services encompasses logistics coordination and energy optimization.


  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Scheduling 
  • Trucking & Rail Scheduling
  • Receipt Point Management and Balancing 
  • Path Costing and Optimization
  • FT management


  • Production and Midstream assets
  • Transportation Optimization
  • Gas Storage
  • Counterparty Credit Mitigation
  • Gas Balance Recovery Mitigation
  • Electrical Load Management

Risk Management

Risk Management involves evaluating, quantifying and monitoring the risk a company carries as it relates to its commodity exposure. Risk holds many forms and a company may not be actively monitoring all of them. Global helps identify risks and provides practical solutions to mitigate them.


  • Physical and Financial Hedging
  • Evaluation of existing hedges
  • Hedging Strategy

Position Management

  • Position Tracking
  • Account Balancing
  • Currency Exposure

Market Fundamentals

  • Maintenance Reporting
  • Market Commentary
  • Supply/Demand Analysis

Energy Marketing and Trade

The objective of our energy marketing team is to provide incremental value to the client’s current netback.  Global does this through a combination of marketing and trading programs designed in conjunction with your assets to create a balanced portfolio.

Energy Marketing

  • Evaluation of all energy inputs
  • Site Consolidation
  • Evaluation of supply and marketing arrangements

Structured Services

  • Evaluation of all energy inputs
  • Site Consolidation
  • Evaluation of supply and marketing arrangements

Physical and Financial Trading

  • Balancing
  • Optimization
  • Time and Location Spreads
  • Trade Recommendations 

Portfolio Strategies

  • Portfolio Hedging
  • Generation and Load Management
  • Peak Energy Use Management
  • Diversification of exposure (regional and commodity)


The operational and trading experience of our team sets Global apart from other advisors. The Global team provides advisory services in the following areas.

  • Regulatory reporting
  • WCSB Infrastructure
  • ETRM integration
  • End Use Market
  • Acquisition and Divestiture
  • Joint Venture processing and facilities agreements
  • Distributed power generation evaluations
  • CO2 emissions compliance management for TIER Funder emitters